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Digital-Fine-Art Pigmentprint.
Printed on Hahnmühle Photorag Ultrasmooth 305g

PAPERSIZE: (Photos are smaller than the papersize -> includes white border)
- SIZE 1 Printed in 20x30cm
- SIZE 2 Printed in 30x40cm
- SIZE 3 Printed in 40x60cm or 50x60cm

!!! The print "SIZE 2" depends on if its a 6x7 (120mm) or 6x4.5 (35mm) photo!!!


1. Go to:

2. Choose your photo what you would like to print.
3. Choose your size and order the product here.
4. Please send an email with the link of the photo to
5. I will send the print with DHL to you.

*PLEASE NOTE that you are pre-ordering prints.

What means that it will take few days to get through whole process of printing and sending it.